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The Royal Gift of Tulips in 2020

2020 also marks the 75th Anniversary of the Dutch Royal gift of tulips to Canadians, 100,000 bulbs, as a symbol of appreciation for the role Canadians played in the liberation of the Netherlands and the hospitality Canada provided to the Dutch Royal Family in Ottawa during the War. This year, the Embassy of the Kingdom of The Netherlands will be repeating this gift of 100,000 “Liberation75” Tulip Bulbs.

The ‘’Royal Bulbs’’ are to be donated, through a partnership with Explorica, to 1,100 schools across Canada; along with a comprehensive “Tulip Teaching Guide” as a legacy of this project. The remaining ‘’Royal Bulbs’’ will be offered to Lieutenant Governors in each of the Canadian Provinces and Territories, through a collaboration with the Office of the Secretary to the Governor General in Ottawa.