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Partagez les noms et les histoires des personnes que vous honorez en plantant des Tulipes Libération75.

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Layman Clark

My father wanted all his war records destroyed and locked away. I am dedicating this to my great Uncle a survivor of WW1. Now a... Read More

My Dad Nicolaas Mansvelt

My fathers family in Rotterdam was invaded by German soldiers when he was a pre-teen. They were forced to give up their bedrooms and live... Read More

I am planting for my Grandfather’s Lester Christensen and Robert Speirs. Robert was a mechanic stationed in England, who was part of the D Day... Read More

Mr Ted Decker

We are planting for Edna’s father, Ted Decker who served in WWII.

Dennis W. Read

My father was in RCEME (Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers). He was a mechanic that worked on tanks, trucks etc. He was the eldest... Read More

Hessel & Willemina Bierma

My parents both immigrated to Ontario from Holland. Both of them were always very grateful to the Canadians saving their country from the war, but... Read More

Harold Porkka

Harold Porkka was from Picture Butte Alberta. He enlisted in 1940 and became a member of the Army Signal Corps. He remained in the Netherlands... Read More

My father Ivan Thrasher

Ivan served in the Canadian army in Italy, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. He helped to liberate the Netherlands and was there in the parade... Read More

My mom

My mom survived the bombing in Rotterdam half he house was gone when she came home from work!

I am planting for my uncle Edward Crowther Jones from Saskatchewan, and Joyce (nee) Ashton from Lincoln. On May 2 1944 , they were a... Read More

L.K Bowman

He was in logistics he made sure the troops had what they needed to fight

Cecil Hightower

My great uncle Cecil was the only Canadian with. British crew in Halifax-II JD207 when it was shot down by German night fighter on 26... Read More

John and Rachel Curtin

My Uncle John joined the Army as part of Canada’s contingent in WWll. While there, he met our Aunt Rachel in Belgium. I remember her... Read More

Thomas James Tennian

My dad was a dispatch rider with the SD&G Highlanders, landed in Normandy on D-Day + 3 at the age of 18, fought in the... Read More

James L Whitehead

My dad fought overseas during WW11. As a proud member of RCL Branch 05-479, I am inspired by the donation s made to our legions... Read More

Albert Gordon Alexander

Killed April 27, 1945. My Uncle Gordon is buried in the Holten Canadian War Cemetery (Netherlands). He was awarded the Military Medal for gallant and... Read More

John Kamstra

He was in The Netherlands during the war! Remembered it all so well! He was in Friesland during the war! He immigrated with his family... Read More

Jan Rikkelman

My father worked in the Dutch underground for 5 years in Holland. He brought food to my mother and her family to keep them from... Read More

William Allan

My father joined the Royal Canadian Air Force In Saskatchewan and was trained as a Bombardier.

In memory of my dear Dad

My Dad served in Holland and Belgium from July to October 1944 with the Canadian Army, Orndance Corp. He was overseas from December 1939 until... Read More

gagan soni DEAF


My parents

We lived in Schiedam. My sister was born just before the liberation and I was born 4 years later. My dad was a machinist but... Read More


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My Dad, Herbert Schuppert

During WWII my Dad was in the 12th Manitoba Dragoons and drove a Staghound armoured car on reconnaissance missions, he was 18 years old. He... Read More

David Henry Austin

David Henry Austin , my great uncle , was. Cpl in WW1 15 Battilion , Canadian Infantry , Central Ontario Regiment. Son of Harry and... Read More

My Hero, my Dad

My late Dad was a WWII veteran who helped to liberate Holland from the Nazi. Like many veterans he came home and never spoke too... Read More

Leo Senz

Leo was a small boy in Holland when Canadian soldiers came through there to help liberate his country. Some of the soldiers gave chocolate to... Read More

BUTLER, Cpl. Thomas Edward

Dad was in the Canadian Army, R.C.E.M.E Corp. He served in England, France, Belgium and Germany. He was in Holland for the Liberation with many... Read More

Rolland N Barker

My Dad was a WWII Vet, he served overseas with the RCAF 86th squadron as an Air Gunner on the Liberator Planes. He passed away... Read More

Major R.M. Hickey, MC

Father Hickey was a cousin of my mother’s. She spoke very fondly of him and how he always had a kind word for everyone. He... Read More

For Dad

I am planting in memory of my Dad, Peter R.R. Dobson, who was the leader of an armoured car during the liberation of the Dutch... Read More

I am planting for my dad.

He served in world war 11 and was shot down in France and managed to survive via the underground network. He was a navigator/gunner.

Proud to be Canadian

I am planting for my all my grandparents, my dad and his family, my mom and her family all of whom were liberated in the... Read More

John Alexander Eccles

I am planting for my father, John Alexander Eccles. He served in the Royal Canadian Navy on HMCS FERGUS in world War Two. He loved... Read More

Oliver Landry

I am planting for Oliver Landry……A quiet, brave man who hated war but served with honour and dignity

I am planting for Mark King

Mark, was my father-in-law, who was in was interned in the Far East during the 2nd world war. I’m buying bulbs for his great grandchildren,... Read More

My dad, Charles Harvey

My dad was overseas, in Holland and Bergson op Zoom, and so many other places. He helped to liberate the people from Holland.


These bulbs will be planted in memory of my father Ernest McKeever, George Browne my husband’s father, eleven of our uncles and aunts. Some served... Read More

World War II

I am planting for my Dad – Gordon Harry Cameron who fought in World War II and was a Lieutenant in the Navy on the... Read More

My late Husband

He served with 14th Field Ambulance from Sept. 1939 – 1945. England, France, Belgium and Holland.