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Lesson Plan – Liberation of the Netherlands


To understand the impact of the liberation of the Netherlands on the various people who lived through it.

Grade Level

This activity is designed for grade 9 or 10 Canadian History Courses, as a part of the Second World War Unit. However, it can be modified to work with other courses or units.

Two Canadian soldiers from the Seaforth
Highlanders with an akela from the boy scout on Dam Square.
1945 – Source: The Netherlands Institute for Military History (NIMH)


  • Students will explore the liberation through the eyes of the soldiers, civilians, and resistance fighters who were involved and understand the different perspectives of a shared experience
  • Students will explore the different roles people played in the liberation
  • Students will develop an understanding of the impact of war and sacrifice on the Dutch and the Canadians who were in the Netherlands in 1944-1945

Activities and Timelines

  • Discussion: 10 minutes
  • Background on the liberation: 10-15 minutes
  • Stories and Worksheets: 30 minutes
  • Discussion: 20 minutes


  • Introductory Handout/Video PDF
  • Survivor Stories (if students are listening to them they will need headphones and technology) 
  • Worksheet PDF